day trip: lake pandin

a few hours away from manila, two crater lakes separated by a narrow strip of land is a good day trip for those who don’t have much time for a weekend: lake pandin.

located in san pablo, laguna, lake pandin is more or less than three hours away from greater manila. lucena-bound buses from alabang and quezon city can take one to as far as san pablo (alight at 7/11, near san pablo church). thereafter, take a 20-minute jeepney ride to ilog, barangay santo angel. politely inform the driver to drop you off at lake pandin (there is a huge bold sign you cannot miss on the roadside). the lake is a good 15-minute uphill walk more from the jump off point.

if you want to take some meals while locals paddle you around the lake, contact siony at 0929 978 9565. the $10-sumptuous meal consists of rice, shrimps, local salad and fresh fried tilapia.

lake pandin is a lovely way to spend a day.


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